“Ensuring the next steps


 for new energy users”


About us

NEXT is composed of 10 InnoEnergy SELECT Master Students, studying at top technical universities across Europe.


We represent six different nationalities from across the globe, and we aim to ensure energy access sustainability.

With the support of our partner Trama Tecnoambiental, we aim to monitor, analyze, and understand Solar PV Microgrids in remote communities in Africa. 

During this year-long project, we will tackle the challenges related to energy access sustainability.

Once the energy is provided to a certain community, we will contribute to the NEXT steps necessary to keep the energy systems working, and the efforts that must be taken to ensure that the improvement of local quality of life is provided. 


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Our Vision

“Ensuring the next steps for new energy users.”

Electricity alone is not enough for empowering people. Once access is granted, new challenges come up. 
New energy systems have to be self-sustainable and must allow a virtuous cycle to ensure growth opportunities for people living there.

Electricity is just the beginning, not the destination.


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"What comes next?" is a podcast that aims to introduce us to the current challenges and projects related to energy access around the globe. 
Join us in our mission to reach energy access sustainability!



Our team

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Shu-Jung Liu

Luca Borghero

Isabella Sodi

Kynan Tjandaputra

Juo-Yu Liao

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InnoEnergy Student at KTH and TU/e, with a bachelor's background in Material Science.

Currently doing research focus on implementing machine learning method in household meters’ data analysis.


InnoEnergy Student at KTH and PoliTo, with a previous focus on power generation and renewable production.

Creative problem solver with analytical thinking, used to work in multicultural teams.

InnoEnergy Student atKTH and PoliTo, with a background in Chemical Engineering. 
With experience in multicultural teams, aiming to contribute to the energy transition and climate change mitigation with a creative and analytical mindset.  

InnoEnergy Student at KTH & TU/e, with a previous background in Mechanical Engineering.
Committed to the development of renewable energy and sustainability with a focus on thermal energy storage to help the transition and integrate more sustainable energy to the current system. 

InnoEnergy Student at KTH & TU/e, with a previous background in Transportation and Logistics Management.

Currently focusing on data analysis and machine learning in built environment.


Beatriz Roza



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InnoEnergy Student at KTH & UPC, with a background in Environmental Engineering.

Several years of experience in corporate sustainability and ESG, focused on strategy and business positioning;

Previously worked in big corporations, factories and consulting companies.


Enrico Orani

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InnoEnergy Student at UPC & IST, with a background in Energy Engineering.
Committed to deepen my involvement in the energy sector and be able to make a real change. Experienced in working and managing a multicultural team with different backgrounds. 


Roselyn Luhur

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InnoEnergy Student at KTH & TU/e, with a background in Industrial Engineering (Purdue Uni.).

Zealous for sustainable energy transition decided to pursue the energy landscape after working in corporate strategy & product development roles in Indonesian startups.

Felipe Salgado

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InnoEnergy Student at KTH & UPC.

Professional with 10+ years of experience in corporate sustainability, with a background that includes climate change issues and process optimization tools. 

Strong and recognized skills in team management and project development. 

Personal goal is to enhance contribution further to the global energy transition.


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InnoEnergy Student at UPC & IST, and with +3 years of experience in the renewable energy sector.
Personal goal is focused on the improvement of daily basis methods and processes by the research of efficiency.
Committed to revolutionizing the energy sector through a deep dive into new ideas and concepts.


Our partners

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